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6" Corn Tortillas (12 ct)

For the last several months we’ve been teasing a release of our corn tortillas, and now the time has finally come. We’ve perfected the recipe and will be offering them for sale online. When warmed up, these tortillas are soft and delicious. And best of all, they don’t fall apart halfway to your mouth. That’s easy to overlook, but it’s hard combination to achieve with corn. Most corn tortillas on the market today are dry, starchy, and kind of flavorless.  So a large part of the slow roll on these was just wanting you all to have the best.


We’re also having a little fun with this product by combining different types of corn into our masa to create some really unique and beautiful patterns. We drew inspiration from the different stages of the sun throughout the day when naming the variations. Here’s what we’ve got:


  • Sunrise (blue corn)
  • High Noon (white & yellow)
  • Dusk (pink & yellow)
  • Midnight (purple). 


The availability of these colors will fluctuate based on corn that is readily available. We currently source native Mexican corn (“criollo”) from the wonderful folks at Tamoa.


6" Corn Tortillas (12 ct)

  • Corn, Water, Sea Salt and Lime (used to nixtamalize corn)

  • For a soft tortilla, heat each side for 8-10 seconds over medium-high heat until soft and pliable. For a firmer texture, heat longer until tortilla begins to puff.

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